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Telecom Products & Services

Electrical Distribution Solutions:

We have various standard designs and solutions available to satisfy your electrical distribution requirements. Products can be designed and manufactured to customer specification.

Enclosures are Powder coated for durability and can be manufactured in a variety of materials - Mild Steel, 3CR12, 304 Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel.

-    Indoor AC and DC Distribution Boards
-    Outdoor AC and DC Distribution Boards
-    Powder coated IP65 Enclosures in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
-    Associated Mounting Poles and Brackets with Cable Trays

Telecoms Batteries and Power Solutions

-    We supply only premium quality Telecoms Batteries.
-    We have high quality pure lead tin alloy batteries available as well as more cost effective lead calcium batteries.
-    Complete DC Power solutions available.
-    Our Battery solutions can be incorporated with Renewable Energy designs that include Solar and Wind Powered solutions.

Power, Communication and Fiber Cable

-    We have a wide range of Power cables available including steel wire armored, PVC Sheathed and Bare copper earth wires.
-    Communication and Fibre optic cable in various configurations
-    Trunking and Cable protection solutions