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Our Mining Products & Services

Underground Haulage Lighting Systems:

We have a variety of Haulage solutions and fittings available to accommodate different system requirements. Haulage systems include:

-    Lighting Transformers with associated Distribution Boards
-    Power Cable Rolls made up with fittings, spaced as per customer requirements.
-    CFL or Fluorescent tube lights in various configurations.
-    LED haulage solutions.


Electrical Cable Supply:

We supply only top quality Electrical Cable, all with the South-African “SABS” brand of approval.
-    Low Voltage Cable
-    (XLPE) Cables
-    Rubber Insulated – Flexible Cable
-    Flame retardant cable
-    Blasting Cable
-    Earth Cables
-    Straining Wire

Starter Boxes/Gully Boxes/Electrical Distribution

-    Starter and Gully boxes are designed to strict Safety and Quality standards. Enclosures are Powder coated for durability and can be manufactured from a variety of material,(Mild Steel, 3CR12, Stainless Steel or Galvanized Steel)
-    Our standard solutions are equipped with “Mitsubishi”switchgear. We can fit and wire any other switchgear brands as requested or specified by our customers.
-    Our Underground Starters and Gully boxes are fitted with patented slide lock designs to ensure safety and security.
-    Gully Boxes with either Left or Right Hand progression can be designed to incorporate Fan, Pump, Winch or even Drill Rig Starters into Gully Box configurations.

Starters and Gully boxes include but are not limited to:
-    7.5 – 75 kw Fan Starters
-    7.5 -  75 Kw Pump Starters
-    7.5 – 75 Kw Winch Starters
-    75 Kw Drill Rig Starter Boxes

Trackless Mining Supplies:

With Lightcon you can be assured that your Electrical Power requirements for your Rigs are taken care of. We supply a variety of Trackless Power Cable, associated Connector plugs and sockets and Rig Starter Boxes that can withstand the harsh demands of underground mining.

-    Trackless Mining Cable
-    Associated Plugs and Sockets
-    Rig Starter Boxes

General Electrical Supplies.

We supply high quality products from reputable brand names.
-    Lights and Fittings
-    Switchgear
-    Transformers
-    Warning lights and Sirens
-    Consumables
-    Test Equipment
-    Hand Tools